Sauna and hot tub


“Sauna and its swatting ritual are the subjects on which one can write hundreds of books, but in this ancient art there will always be some forgotten nuances that still are not enjoyed. Moreover, each bath-house attendant or master has their own, special methods. He keeps these methods for his own practice and do not reveal for others. However, it is hard to tell where the first bath-house was built, where people learned how to take care of the hygiene, to cleanse their body and even to heal.

Bath procedure is relatively simple, but people addict their selves to this ritual with enthusiasm, when they experience the pleasure and opportunities bathing offers. There isn’t any strict regalement of what one should or should not do in the sauna, because the process is individual. To gain all that sauna ritual can offer, person should be the most open to what is happening.

-Person should be in a good mood when going to the sauna.

-Do not hurry.

-Before climbing on the bench it is recommended to wash oneself quickly in warm water. It will secure quicker sweating. Without a quick washing, the time to warm up in the sauna will be longer.

-It is not recommended to wash with soap before going in the sauna, unless your skin is very dirty.

-It is better to lay down in the sauna rather than sit.”*

From the book “Healing Sauna”, authors Gita Balode, ZiedonisKārkliņš